Grand Opening December 8, 2016

I can't believe it actually took this long to get here, but we're ecstatic to report that we have finally set a grand opening date: December 8, 2016. As our spiritual guru Lily Lo from Dragon's Pond restaurant next door put it, it's a very special date with a significant numerological meaning ... 1-2-8 ... one location, two stores, and 8 people and with all stars and planet aligned just right ... for that matter, I guess we could have another chance on Jan 28 too. We'll be soft opening sporadically several days before that eventful day, so if you see our lights on, please drop by for some freebies, tea tasting, and popcorn samples and give us your honest feedback on the menu. Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Coming to Walnut Creek, California in December 2016

It's been going slow as molasses as we're still waiting on our building permit from the City, but we're well on our way and hope to have the construction completed in March 2016. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.